Frank Beddor's Presentation
For School Events

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring Frank to our junior highs. Every time I am at the store I hear a kid raving to his/her parents about the book. The junior highs are still talking about what a great program Frank put on. Thank you!"

- Natasha Fleischman, The Valley Bookseller

"I just wanted to thank you again for coming to our school today give a presentation about your books and the inspirations behind them. My students were beyond thrilled and it was so exciting for them to realize their dreams actually can come true. Thank you again for taking the time to visit!"

- Becca Romans, Orange County High School of the Arts

"Your presentation was perfect for my friends and me. You were energetic, enthusiastic and the videos of your movies were action packed, just the way we like them. It is great that you are sharing your love of writing with kids. If you keep doing presentations like the one you did for my school a lot of kids will be inspired to write great stories like you.
Sincerely, Andrew McCabe"

"Dear Mr. Frank Beddor,
Thank you for visiting our school. At first, I thought that we were going to sit on the floor, listening to how it feels to be an author, about your next book, like all authors do. But I was wrong! Your visit was just terrific! I want to be an author someday-or a biologist. You helped my dreams go bolder. I will enjoy your book forever.
Sincerely, Hannah Suh"

"Frank enchanted two groups of students of about 110 each, at two elementary schools. He was delightful and a joy to work with."

- Cheryl McKeon, Third Place Books

"The assembly was by far one of the most hilarious and entertaining ones I have experienced in my school auditorium.
Your Biggest Fan, Hannah Srajer"

"My favorite part of the presentation was when you called up spectators from the audience and told them to read a script for the movie. I especially liked it when you called up the teachers. Because itís always fun to see adults getting humiliated!
Sincerely, Charlotte Wilson"

Highlights include:

See video from a school visit!