Physical Games

Hatter M Deck of Cards

A Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars themed "standard" 52 + 2 deck of playing cards with a Wonderland twist! Click here to check out card art or Buy Now!

Mobile Games

LGW Slider iPhone App

The LGW Slider Game takes the classic sliding image puzzle game and reimagines it with 30 puzzles of Looking Glass Wars art, downloadable as wallpaper upon completion. Buy Now!

Online Games

With the exception of the Card Soldier Wars MMO, all of the following require Flash and thus will run on desktops/laptops only. Although the Card Soldier Wars MMO does include Flash elements, the majority of the game can be played on mobile devices.

The Looking Glass Wars Card Game

Just like the ancient eastern strategy game Go--but with cards--achieve victory by surrounding your opponents forces before they surround you. Read the Game Revolution Review!!!

The Card Soldier Wars MMO

The Card Soldier Wars is a free MMORPG in which players compete to be the most powerful General in Wonderland to put their Queen on the throne! Read the Grinding to Valhalla interview!

Pissed Off Monkey

Want some of this, Hatboy? Witness here the furiosity and frustration of the monkey as it confronts the power of White Imagination. Do you dare to piss him off?

Wonderland Matching

Test your memory and see how long it takes for you to match up all of the famous Wonderland characters. Are you fast enough to make the high score list?


Shoot the crystal gun at falling crystal-covered ceiling. Match three or more of a kind and they disapper--but you must clear them before they catch up to you!

Crystal Sort

Sort the crystals being extracted from Wonderland's Crystal Mines before the backlog becomes too great and you run out of room!